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(Drama - NR)

Harold Russell won his Supporting Oscar for playing the sailor who has to face changes as he returns home from WW2 in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES.

Harold Russell (1914 -2002)
Born in Canada, Harold Russell's family moved to Massachusetts after the death of his father in 1919. Harold Russell was training paratroopers in 1944, whensome TNT exploded in his hands. He subsequently lost both his hands and had to get hooks. So the army had him make a training video, " Diary of a Sergeant". William Wyler then saw this it and decided to cast him in his film " The Best Year of Our Lives" as Homer Parish, the double amputee. Russell is the only actor to win two oscars for the same role, one for the best supporting actor and a special one for being an inspiration to his fellow veterans. Since there are not many roles for double amputees, Russell then went to Boston University and got his degree in Business. Harold Russell became an avid advocate for the disabled for the rest of his life and severed three terms as the commander of AMVETS. Harold Russell sold his Oscar in 1992 to help pay his wifes medical bills. He was married twice but never divorced and is survived by his second wife and his children.

He also appeared in INSIDE MOVES (1980)

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