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Woody Allen (70's)

Julie Andrews (60's)

Fred Astaire (30's)


Lauren Bacall (40's)

Warren Beatty (60's)

Ingrid Bergman (40's)

Humphrey Bogart (40's)

Marlon Brando (50's)

Charles Bronson (70's)

Sandra Bullock (90's)

Richard Burton (60's)

James Cagney (40's)

Jim Carrey (90's)

Jackie Chan (90's)

Charlie Chaplin (30's)

Montgomery Clift (50's)

Sean Connery (60's)

Gary Cooper (40's)

Kevin Costner (80's)

Joan Crawford (40's)

Tom Cruise (80's)

Billy Crystal (90's)

Tony Curtis (50's)

Bette Davis (40's)

Doris Day (60's)

James Dean (50's)

Olivia De Havilland (40's)

Robert DeNiro (70's)

Cameron Diaz (90's)

Kirk Douglas (60's)

Michael Douglas (80's)

Faye Dunaway (60's)

Clint Eastwood (70's)

W.C. Fields (30's)

Errol Flynn (30's)

Henry Fonda (60's)

Jane Fonda (70's)

Harrison Ford (80's)

Jodie Foster (90's)

Clark Gable (30's)

Greta Garbo (30's)

Judy Garland (40's)

Mel Gibson (80's)

Whoopi Goldberg (90's)

Cary Grant (50's)

Gene Hackman (70's)

Tom Hanks (90's)

Goldie Hawn (80's)

Audrey Hepburn (60's)

Katharine Hepburn (40's)

Charlton Heston (50's)

Dustin Hoffman (80's)

Bob Hope (40's)

Anthony Hopkins (90's)

Rock Hudson (60's)

Samuel L. Jackson (90's)

Diane Keaton (70's)

Gene Kelly (50's)

Grace Kelly (50's)

Burt Lancaster (60's)

Laurel & Hardy (30's)

Vivien Leigh (40's)

Jack Lemmon (60's)

Myrna Loy (30's)

Ali MacGraw (70's)

Fred MacMurray (40's)

Steve Martin (80's)

The Marx Brothers (30's)

Steve McQueen (60's)

Liza Minnelli (70's)

Marilyn Monroe (50's)

Demi Moore (90's)

Eddie Murphy (80's)

Mike Myers (90's)

Paul Newman (60's)

Jack Nicholson (70's)

Kim Novak (50's)

Ryan O'Neal (70's)

Peter O'Toole (60's)

Al Pacino (70's)

Gwyneth Paltrow (90's)

Gregory Peck (60's)

Michelle Pfeiffer (90's)

Brad Pitt (90's)

Sidney Poitier (60's)

William Powell (30's)

Robert Redford (70's)

Keanu Reeves (90's)

Burt Reynolds (70's)

Julia Roberts (90's)

Ginger Rogers (30's)

Mickey Rooney (40's)

Meg Ryan (80's)

Adam Sandler (90's)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (80's)

Frank Sinatra (50's)

Will Smith (90's)

Wesley Snipes (90's)

Sylvester Stallone (80's)

Barbara Stanwyck (40's)

James Stewart (50's)

Ben Stiller (90's)

Sharon Stone (90's)

Elizabeth Taylor (50's)

Shirley Temple (30's)

Spencer Tracy (40's)

John Travolta (90's)

Kathleen Turner (80's)

Denzel Washington (90's)

John Wayne (60's)

Sigourney Weaver (80's)

Mae West (30's)

Robin Williams (90's)

Bruce Willis (90's)

Natalie Wood (60's)

SUPER STAR DEFINITION - By our definition, a "Super Star" is a movie actor or actress who can "open" a movie, someone whose fans rush to see their latest film on opening weekend. They have a proven track record of box office hits. They are frequently household names. It also helps if they have gotten critical acclaim and/or Oscar nominations. A "Super Star" can be identified by his/her first name like "Mel" or Julia" or "Harrison." A "Super Star," whether it's Humphrey Bogart or Tom Cruise, usually plays him/herself in role after role, as opposed to losing themselves in a different screen character, movie after movie.

Tom Hanks is a Super Star. Robert Duvall is not a Super Star, even though he is a brilliant character actor, an Oscar winner, and one of best actors of the last 40 years.

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