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Elisha Cook in THE BIG SLEEP.
Elisha Cook in STAR TREK (the classic TV show) with William Shatner.
Elisha Cook Jr. (1903 - 1995)

His best-known roles were that of Wilmer in "The Maltese Falcon" (1941) and a hapless would-be tough guy in The Big Sleep (1946).

At age 92 he was the last surviving member of the "Falcon" cast.

His other notable credits include...

1941 (1979) .... The Patron (Dexter)

Rosemary's Baby (1968) .... Mr. Nicklas

Shane (1953) ... Toughtalking Homesteader

Phantom Lady (1944) .... Drummer Cliff March

Sergeant York (1941) (uncredited) .... Piano Player

His television credits include: "Gunsmoke," "The Wild Wild West," "Perry Mason," "Bonanza," "Night Stalker," "Simon & Simon," "Baretta," and "Magnum P.I."

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