Great Billy Barty moments in FOUL PLAY with Goldie Hawn.
Billy Barty (1924 - 2000)

He is equally adept in both comedy and drama, and generally gives an added zest to any production he is associated with. Billy founded the Little people of America in 1957, and the Billy Barty Foundation in 1975.

This fair-haired midget is still fondly remembered as a mischievous little tyke in Alice in Wonderland (1933) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935).

His other notable credits include...

Willow (1988) .... High Aldwin

Masters of the Universe (1987) .... Gwildor

Night Patrol (1984) .... Captain Lewis

Under the Rainbow (1981) .... Otto Kriegling

The Day of the Locust (1975) .... Abe

Billy Barty has appeared in many television shows such as, Wild Wild West.

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