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Samuel L. Jackson -

Samuel L. Jackson is known for portraying strong-willed, aggressive, verbally loquacious & loud, action-prone characters, with unusual points of view. He started out playing villains, druggies, drug dealers.

Samuel L Jackson's defining role was Jules Winnfield in PULP FICTION. He received an Oscar nomination for his performance.

He took on the role of action hero in the films THE LONG KISS GOODBYE, DIE HARD: WITH A VENGEANCE, THE NEGOTIATOR, and SHAFT.

Jackson's ther notable credits include STAR WARS- Episode I, CHANGING LANES, STAR WARS-Episode II, JACKIE BROWN, and XXX.

Samuel L .Jackson's newest films include BASIC, S.W.A.T., COUNTRY OF MY SKULL, and BLACKOUT. In 2004, watch for Samuel L. Jackson in TWISTED. More