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Robin Williams -

An incredibly popular and likable star, Robin Williams has millions of fans around the world. Born in San Francisco, he first came to notice on TV's popular 'Mork and Mindy" series in the 70s. Williams high energy, likable personality, and manic energy have made him an audience favorite, sort of a thinking man's Jim Carrey.

Robin's defining role was as the title character in "Mrs. Doubtfire." Notable films include: "Dead Poet's Society," "Jumangi," "Hook," "The Bird Cage," "Deconstructing Harry," and Robin Williams won his Best Supporting Oscar for "Good Wil Hunting."

He is one of the few film actors to appear seven movies that made $100 million or more. He is close friends with "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve.

Robin's newest credits include: "Insomnia," "Death to Smoochy," and "One-Hour Photo." In 2004, watch for Robin Williams in "The Final Cut" and "House of D." More