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Jackie Chan was born as Kong-sang Chan and he grew up practicing Martial Arts. He starred in many films produced in Hong Kong and was a huge box-office star prior to coming to Hollywood.

Jackie started out as a stunt player, but soon graduated to bigger and bigger roles, finally becoming a stunt coordinator, which led to his being a director.

His first big hit in America was RUSH HOUR, co-starring with Chris Rock. The American film that made him a huge star in America was SHANGHAI NOON. Jackie Chan followed this big success up with RUSH HOUR 2.

Jackie Chan does his own stunts, and usually shows the audience his mishaps (bloopers) during the ending credits.

His newest credits include THE TUXEDO, SHANGHAI KNIGHTS, THE TWINS EFFECT, and HIGHBINDERS. In 2004, watch for Jackie Chan in JOE'S LAST CHANCE and AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. More