Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis -

Bruce Willis defining role was as tough New York cop in "Die Hard." His other notable films include: "Pulp Fiction," "Die Hard with a Vengeance," "12 Monkeys," "Last Man Standing," and "The Fifth Element." "The Sixth Sense" is Bruce's biggest box-office hit.

After tending bar in New York, and then achieving stardom on TV in "Moonlighting", opposite Cybil Sheppard, Bruce Willis achieved movie superstardom in the 1990's.

Although Willis frequently sports a wig, or partial hairpiece, he appeared in films like "Pulp Fiction" and "12 Monkeys" with little or no hair, and still kept his fans.

Bruce Willis was married to superstar actress Demi Moore.

His newests films include: "Hart's War," "Hostile Rescue," and "Tears in the Sun." In 2004, watch for Bruce Willis in "Hostage" and "The Whole Ten Yards." More