Eddie Murphy

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Eddie Murphy was a major black star of the 80's. He first gained popularity on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." His defining role was as a hip cop in "Beverly Hills Cop." Notable films include: "Trading Places," "48 Hours," "Coming to America," "Beverly Hills Cop 2,""The Nutty Professor," "Metro, " and "Bowfinger." Eddie Murphy was known for his breezy, humorous style, and trademark laugh.

After a hot decade, Murphy's career went into decline in the 90's with his lowest point being "Vampire in Brooklyn". In 1999 his career has started to climb again with "Bowfinger" and "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" (where he does a great job playing 8 different characters!)

Eddie Murphy's new film credits include: "Daddy Day Care"and "The Haunted Mansion." More