Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise -

Handsome, likable, and easy to identify with, Tom Cruise climbed to heights in the 1980s that other stars could only envy from afar. Women loved his drop dead good looks, confident manner, and killer smiles. Men wanted to be like him; women simply wanted him. Cruise's string of mega hits, during his twenties, respresented a Hollywood success story few have ever equalled.

Notable films include: "Risky Business," "Rainman," "The Firm," "Mission: Impossible," "Jerry Maquire," and "Minority Report." His defining role was as a cocky and sexy fighter pilot in "Top Gun." "Mission Impossible 2" is the first time Tom Cruise has done a sequel.

Actress Mimi Rogers, was his first wife; then Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman. He is currently divorced and single, but he has been seeing actress PenÚlope Cruz.

Tom's newest films include: "The Last Samurai." In 2004, watch for Tom Cruise in "Collateral." More