Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro -

Robert De Niro is known for both dramas and comedies.

Robert De Niro is known for vigorously preparing for any role he is going to portray in a film. He brings an added dimension to all his dramatic and comedic roles.

His breakthrough, defining role was in THE GODFATHER 2, playing Vito Corleone, which earned him the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Robert De Niro earned a Best Actor Oscar for his work in RAGING BULL.

De Niro's received nominations for his work in TAXI DRIVER, THE DEER HUNTER, and CAPE FEAR. Robert's other notable dramas include: GOODFELLAS and CASINO.

Some of Robert De Niro's popular comedies are: MIDNIGHT RUN, MEET THE PARENTS, ANALYZE THIS, and THE KING OF COMEDY.

His recent credits include THE SCORE, CITY BY THE SEA, SHOWTIME, and ANALYZE THAT. More