Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood -

Clint Eastwood is known for many great crime dramas and westerns.

Tall, terse, and intimidating, Clint Eastwood dominated the 70's with his tough crime dramas.

Clint Eastwood's defining role was as a "take no prisoners" cop in the classic crime drama "Dirty Harry." Clint's notable films include: "High Plains Drifter", "Kelly's Heroes", "Play Misty For Me", "Unforgiven", "Absolute Power", and "Space Cowboys".

Eastwood once said, only partially in jest, that he'd managed to have a long, successful acting career simply by outliving the competition.

A fine director, as well as a star of surprising staying power, Clint Eastwood periodically got beyond his mean tough guy image, in films like "Misty", and "Every Which Way But Loose", and "The Bridges of Madison County", surprising critics who had originally claimed he had no dramatic range. His recent credits include "Blood Work" and "Mystic River." More