Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson -

Rock Hudson, born Roy Scherer, supposedly was a truck driver who got discovered while making a delivery to a movie studio. Whether this is true or not, Rock Hudson and Hollywood was a marriage made in heaven.

Although Hudson made MANY films in the 1950s, many of them Westerns, Rock came to greatest popularity in the 60s with his slightly suggestive comedies opposite Doris Day. Their hits included "Lover Come Back," and "Send Me No Flowers." The Hudson and Day team was the top box office draw in the 1960s for several years running. His defining role was in "Pillow Talk," as a handsome ad man on the make, opposite "professional virgin" Doris Day.

His other notable films include: "Giant," "Ice Station Zebra," and "The Mirror Crack'd." Rock Hudson's popular TV series include: "McMillan & Wife" and "McMillan."

Born on November 17, 1925 Rock Hudson died, in 1985, due to Aids. More