Tony Curtis


Tony Curtis -

Tony Curtis was an incredibly popular screen idol. Blessed with great looks and an athletic grace, Curtis had millions of avid fans around the world.

His defining role would be in "Operation Petticoat" as the fast talking conman opposite sub commander Cary Grant. Other notable roles include "The Defiant Ones," "The Sweet Smell of Success," "Some Like It Hot," and "The Great Race."

Curtis' combination of impossible good looks, athletic style, and New York accent proved irresistible, particularly with the ladies. In later life, Tony Curtis sported a white wig that was as unlikely as it was amusing, and perfectly in keeping with his "star" status.

Tony Curtis was married to actress Janet Leigh, and their divorce caused quite quite" a stir in Hollywood. Tony's daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis ("True Lies") became a popular star in her own right. More