Bob Hope Photos

Bob Hope was born Leslie Townes Hope, in London, England in 1903, and came to the U.S. in 1907.

Bob Hope entertained the troops overseas in every war from World War 2 to the first Gulf War.

Queen Elizabeth conferred honourary Knighthood on Hope.

Hope did a flurry of amusing comedies in the 1930's, including NEVER SAY DIE, THE CAT AND THE CANARY, THE GHOST BREAKERS.

Bob Hope entertaining the troops 1987 in the Persian Gulf.

Bob Hope, age 16.

He continued making films up until 1972, in between his other service activites. Some of Hope's classics, most of which were made in the 1940's, are: MY FAVORITE BLONDE, THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE, THE PALEFACE, and THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS.

Bob Hope with Jack Benny and Jane Russell

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