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Laurel & Hardy - MovieMonday.com

Laurel & Hardy were an enduringly popular comedy duo who made many popular films in the 1930's. Initially popular in the silent era, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy scored big with "Talkies" as well. Their defining role was in "Busy Bodies." Other notableLaurel & Hardy films include: "Men O' War," "Sons of the Desert," "Way Out West," and "Babes in Toyland." For sheer silliness, and seat-of-the-pants entertainment, you can't beat Laurel and Hardy.

Laurel, the thin one, did much of the writing and some of the directing. Hardy, the chubby one, called "Babe" by his friends, mostly golfed when he wasn't on a movie set, leaving the more creative work to his partner Stan. More